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About Us

Imagine that the "Tiszacipő" could talk! He would tell us that he was born after the socialization in 1949, in the shoe factory of Martfű. Back then he looked completely different, he had to wait until 1971 to get his well known, current "T" logo. After that he would tell you on a shy, yet proud tone that from the very beginning of the seventies people were literally gasping after him! People bought him within and across the borders. He saw boosted-style hairdos, permed curls, Trapper jeans and clogs on feet. He's never going to forget how boys ran on gym class or after the ball (and girls) on the streets, wearing him. Then, after the soviet regime collapsed, he withdrew. Never gone completely though, he has been waiting for the perfect time, for people to love him like they did before. In 2003, the time was right, and for him it was the beginning of a new era.

For us - crew of the Tisza - You, for who the "T" means more than a letter in the alphabet, are the most important. We work and design with enthusiastic creativity; we are constantly searching for exciting new materials, thinking of creating new styles, colours and shapes. The virtues of the past hovering in front of our eyes, yet we are according our steps to the expectations of the present. We want you to always have a good reason to put on your pair of Tiszas. That is why we established our sub-brand Tisza Budapest, to create Tisza shoes you can wear on a more formal occasion or while working.