Tisz Cipő®



classic line


• Upper part: Vaxed leather
• Sole: Rubber

After you acquire your first pair of Tiszas, you will not only remember the moment, but you will also realise „T” logos on other people while living your everyday life; like if everyone were wearing Tiszas! Your eyes will get fixated on the „cult letter”, and you will always feel a warm, charming feeling when you see another pair of our shoes winking on you while on someone else’s feet. Compakt, Compakt De Lux, Comfort or Martfű, it doesn’t matter which one you will see, they willl all do the same „wink-effect”. These are the shoes that represents our classic collection, the timeless „cool” feeling. Countless variations of colours, popular shapes, resilient confidence. These are the definitions of Tisza.

118 eur / 136 usd
choose size 11-
width (cm)22,522,5232424,52525,52626,52727,52828,52929,529,530
uk metric44,555,566,5788,599,51010,51111,51212,5
- sign44 -55 -66 -788 -99 -1010 -1111 -1212 -
french metric36373838,53939,5404141,5424343,544454646,547

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